My name is Luis Herrada. I’m a Full Stack Engineer with 11+ years of experience and I’m currently working at Vordem, a digital product agency I founded in 2016 with the missions of making businesses thrive through technology.

I like to talk about Python, Linux, web development, DevOps, CI/CD, technical leadership, tech consultancy, product management and strategy. My career has pushed me into working on the intersection of technology, design and strategy.

You can see my portfolio or read my blog to have a better idea about what I do.


When I’m not working you’ll find me playing the guitar, reading, practicing chess, playing some starcraft or spending time outside with my wife and/or friends. I’m also interested in education, business, astronomy, mental health and cooking.


The best way to get in touch with me is email: [email protected]. You can also find me at Github or LinkedIn.