Having a computer connected to the internet and a lot of free time as a teenager, helped me develop multiple skills like playing the guitar, develop web applications, design websites and be good at videogames. To most people, that would be a big achievement and they always told me the same thing: I wish I could be as good at <coding / the guitar> as you are.

My response to them was always the same: just start and keep practicing. I also explained that you start by being bad at something but that's part of the process and with practice you get better and better, but it seemed like they thought I wasn't sharing some secret tip or that I was born with that talent, so they didn't follow my advice and eventually gave up trying.

Today, I'm not as good as a guitarist as I was (because I stopped practicing), but I've been doing software engineering for 11 years and learned a lot of things during this journey, not only on the technical side but also on how to run a company, build technical teams, keep your sanity as a developer, work with people from other disciplines, among other things that I think can be useful to someone else.

Like most people, I've given talks at local meetups, offered tech consultancy to clients and discussed interesting topics with friends over beers, not only as a way to expand my network but mainly because I genuinely enjoy sharing with others. That's why I've always wanted to start blog but would easily get discouraged thinking I'm not as good as other people, or that writing is hard and takes a lot of time (which is true), and eventually found myself saying: I've always wanted to write, I wish I was good at it.

Then I realized I needed to follow the same advice I previously gave to others: just start and keep practicing. I don't need to wait until I'm a great writer or the best engineer in the world, I just have to select a list of topics I want to write about and start doing so. The first articles will probably be bad but that's ok... that's what the practice is for.

So this is me, following the advice of just starting.